Google Adwords New Affiliate Policy - New Rules & Issues For Affiliates

Google Adwords New Affiliate Policy and Changes
Affiliate News on the Big Change and Google Rules from Various Affiliate Blogs 

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Stay tuned to this space for the latest news and commentary on Google's new rules and how these changes will affect the Affiliate Marketing Industry.  Our team is doing in-depth research and will be coming up with tools and list of good suggestions to help affiliates and merchants with this issue.  I will publish all the info here when it is ready.  In the meantime, below are some very good blog topics & articles covering the Google Adwords policy change. To sum it up, allowing only one URL or domain to be listed in Adwords ads, will force affiliates to list their own sites in the ad instead of linking directly to the merchant or the affiliate network's tracking code URL that goes directly to the merchant.  Here are some quick basic tips on how to build a good pre-sell affiliate landing page.

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Google Adwords Aftermath: Providing content to affiliates to be more common [ 2/11/2005 ]
A standard affiliate program’s creative library tends to look like thousand of others. There are about 40-50 banners in various IAB standard ad unit formats. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Ad standards make it easier to distribute and serve ads. Email copy is naturally non-existent due to the nature of email marketing and sometimes technological restraints from the affiliate networks. (They were all built for banners back in the day). Now with Google requiring a unique URL and a landing page for every affiliate ad the work-around is obvious: Time to start supplying more content to...

Economic Ripples from Google’s New Policy [ 2/02/2005 ]
Much has been written on the micro-impact of the new Google's new AdWords policy. However, very little has been written on the macro-view this policy will have because the only people who really know the truth work at Commission Junction and LinkShare, and for obvious reasons, they’re not talking. I do think Google’s new policy actually has a notable impact on eCommerce, but let me write for the sake of full disclosure, I honestly have no idea. I’m just an affiliate marketer, not some Wall Street analyst nor macro-economist.......

Google Launches an Affiliate Program [ 2/02/2005 ]
Word is spreading around today about Google's new affiliate program. The affiliate program is currently in beta and it's based on referring people for new AdWords and AdSense accounts. In order to earn commissions on AdWords referrals, the referrals must...

The Hidden Affiliate War  [1/28/2005 ] It's been a few weeks since Google implemented its one-ad-per-domain rule. The rule was designed to provide a better user experience for searchers by eliminating multiple ads that lead to the same domain. Affiliates may bid on direct links, but they compete with merchant sites and other affiliates in the auction. This competition results in an invisible bidding war within the AdWords system.  Google suppresses duplicate ads, displaying only the ad with highest AdRank (normalized click-through x bid). However, the bids remain in the background of the bid landscape, even if the ads aren't shown. Billed CPC (define) escalates, so only one bidder "wins." Others with the same domain lose.

Google Innovations Imminent [ 1/24/2005 ]
Candida Kutz reported: Update on the new Google Adwords, in effect now: Improved Adwords Conversion Tracking so that you can track conversions not just from Adwords, but also Overture, emails, banner ads, and all other sorts of online advertising campaigns. This allows the merchant to compare the campaigns against each other....

Google on the Offensive Again [ 1/24/2005 ]
Google isn't letting up. I'm going to set aside the AdSense API release to focus for a moment on their latest move that strikes at a core value offered by affiliate networks (granted, some seem to tout it more than others). This time Google offers the community some exciting news - the ability to centralize ad campaigns of all flavors (search, e-mail, banners/CPM, CPC traffic partners of all kinds, etc.) across a centralized conversion reporting tool. Yes, it even reports on Overture. Think about it for a minute (as some have). It's fairly exciting stuff for advertisers and...

Scoop! Google Ready to Unveil a Completely Revamped Adwords/Adsense Program [ 1/20/2005 ] to counter inroads from competitors such as Kanoodle... by "As this is being writtten, about 1800 Google marketing people from its offices around the world are at an internal sales conference at a secret location in San Francisco, being briefed on a completely revamped Google Adwords/Adsense program and other new features.

Arbitrage Affiliates Punk’d by Google [ 1/19/2005 ] How much will the search company's latest announcement affect affiliate marketing?  I think it’s safe to say that we’ll all remember where we were when we heard the news. I was tapping away at my keyboard back on that fateful day of January 6, 2005 when an email hit my inbox with the ominous subject: Google AdWords™ Announcement: Affiliate Policy Change.  The announcement began “In January 2005, Google will incorporate a new affiliate advertising policy that is designed to provide a better user and advertiser experience.”  Fair enough, I figured. But I noticed that the statement didn’t include anything about the betterment of the affiliate experience, just the user and advertiser.

New landscape for Affiliate Marketers? [ 1/18/2005 ]
Much has been said in the last few days about Google’s new affiliate advertising policy. We, as Affiliate marketers / affiliate managers however still have a job to do – and that’s to drive new unique sales and customers to...

Google Policy Opinions Gala [ 1/18/2005 ]
In the spirit of round-ups and acting as a meta-filter here is the latest dose of good reading for those following the new Google Adwords bidding policy changes....

Dealing With Google's New Affiliate-Linking Policy [1/14/05] - Great article from ClickZ with commentary from the CEOs of CJ, LinkShare and Performics.

Affiliate Networks Fire Back [ 1/14/2005 ]
You didn't think they were going to take this sitting down did you? How dare Google and Wayne Porter (did I just drag my good friend Wayne into this?) suggest that affiliate marketing clutters their user experience! Fact: Google's decision is about to take a whole lotta cash out of the affiliate marketing industry and that has significant impact on the financial well-being of affiliate networks... given that most have tied their earnings directly to that of the affiliate. So what's a network to do? Let's give them a shout... let's go live to RNN's Wolfe...

Google Answers Some SPECIFIC Questions about the new Affiliate Policy

Google's Affiliate Auction Process, FAQs

Google v. Affiliate Networks
The sound you just heard was a missile launched within the world of affiliate marketing... by Google and aimed in the direction of a long time foe. No, I'm not talking about Google's attempt to show investors that its advertising model is a viable one and trademark lawsuits are frivolous. I'm talking about what nobody seems to be talking about. In its recent announcement, Google just launched a missile at the affiliate marketing industry itself... not just affiliates.

Google’s Affiliate Announcement and Commission Junction’s (CJ's) Response

Google's New Affiliate Policy Brings Confusion and Speculation

Two Affiliate Bloggers quoted in ClickZ on Google's New Policy
Just thought I'd give some ink (or should I say bandwidth) to Adam Viener and David Lewis who were quoted in ClickZ on the new Adwords' policy. Congrats David and Adam! Here is the story: Affiliates Mixed on Google Policy Changes Two top affiliates with different points of view on arbitrage makes for a good read. As I said before, this issue is interesting to watch. Best line of the day actually was from a private affiliate manager yahoo group list. A seasoned affiliate manager referring to the Google's new policy said "This is going to be a mess!" And it......

Google Limits Affiliate Listings 

Loophole in Google's New AdWords Policy
Huh? I’m scratching my head at Google’s new AdWord policy that attempts to ban affiliate arbitrage bidding, since one could drive a Mack truck through the loophole left open. Affiliate arbitrage is when an affiliate buys key words on Google and links the ad directly to a merchant’s site. The affiliate commissions add up to be more than the affiliate ad buys on Google cost. As a result, the affiliate earns a profit....

Google Changes Adwords Policy For Affiliates
The rumors have been flying for months and now we finally get to see what Google has cooked up for affiliates. It looks as if they are not going to ban affiliates, even arbitrage players, but turn down the number of advertisements vying for the same URL. From their notification letter:...

Google Completely Changes Ecommerce. Again.: No, really. Google changed its policy regarding affiliates and their ability to market via Google AdWords. Beginning later this month, only a single ad from a single affiliate will be visible for a product or service alongside a company's own ad...

Google AdWords Announcement: Affiliate Policy Change: After rumors have floated around for weeks, the hammer has dropped in the announcement from Google (below) that was issued today. My comments are in italics. Hello from the Google AdWords Team: In January 2005, Google will incorporate a new...

Google Affiliate Rumors Become Reality...and Confusing: As I wrote about last month, Google has officially modified their policy on affiliates' use of PPC advertising on Adsense. Here's the change as described in their email: With this new affiliate policy, we'll only display one ad per search query...

Suggestions for a good pre-sell landing page:
Here is good formula and the testimonials could actually help your affiliate ads convert better.

v Merchant banner, for some color
v KW word rich intro paragraph about the products or merchant
v Text links to more info on merchant site
v Customer Testimonials

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